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: Vienna For Vistors

A popular T-shirt in Vienna declares "There are No Kangaroos in Austria!" The apparent confusion regarding the difference between Austria and Australia brings sighs of exasperation amongst many Americans living in Vienna who have had their U.S. mail arrive after a detour to Down Under.

Vienna Sights

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: United Nations Women's Guild (UNWG)

The United Nations Womenís Guild was founded in 1967 as a voluntary organization of women connected with the United Nations. The purpose of the Guild is to foster friendship, to encourage appreciation of each otherís traditions and customs, and to financially support charity projects benefiting children of the world with emphasis on developing countries.

International Vienna

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: From Mauthausen to the Moon

By Armand A. Lakner

This extraordinary thrilling and captivating story is a fictionalized account of real life experience and actual historical events that occurred before, during, and after WWII. The principal character, Alfred Hammer, becomes the chief scientist for NASAís Apollo Lunar Landing Mission after he has endured incredible torture as a slave laborer in Mauthausen, a savage Nazi extermination camp.

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: ESL Games - The Benefits of Games in Your ESL Lesson Plans

By Kelvin Nikkel

Teachers have turned to games now-a-days in order to try to supplement their ESL classroom lesson plans. Their reason for doing so is to add to the lesson in such a way as to benefit the students more. The benefits are a more co-operative group dynamics and it has been shown that the students actually retain the new material longer and with better comprehension.

Teaching English

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: Gustav Mahler and Vienna

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) is celebrated as a fin de siŤcle genius and one of the great pioneers of 20th century music. The composer's 150th birthday celebrations is taking place in 2010, followed by the 100th anniversary of his death a year later. Mahler headed the Vienna State Opera for 10 years.

Famous Austrians

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: Democrats Abroad Austria

Democrats Abroad Austria represents US citizens living in Austria looking to drive political change by voting Democratic. While most of our members are in Vienna, chapters are forming in other major Austrian cities and we have seen our numbers triple in the last year.


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: Vienna and Death

Author: Hanne Egghardt

Vienna and Death: an eternal love, a special relationship embracing sentimental, melancholic coquettishness and an almost passionate intimacy. As a well-known wine tavern song goes, there'll always be wine, but we won't always be here to enjoy it. Opulent funerals with a large cortege of mourners can still be the source of gushing enthusiasm.

Vienna Sights

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: Expatriate Engagement

By Steven Coleman

Engagement is a fairly recent term in business. In the past the talk was about "attracting, motivating and retaining" expatriate employees. All three strategies focused primarily on money.


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For Chef Frank Lima, an instructor with the New York Restaurant School of The Art Institutes, food is poetry and poetry is food. Chef Lima is not only a former White House assistant chef during the Kennedy Administration, but a first runner-up for Poet Laureate of Queens, New York. As Chef Lima explains it, "Poetry and cooking are so similar -- they're both about feeling and aesthetics." The two are so intertwined, in fact, that Chef Lima named his cream of roasted red pepper soup Creme Kukhla Moo ("my doll" in Greek).

Valentines Day

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: Expat Kids

By Steven Coleman

Is being an expat all about attitude, and if so, does this have an immense influence on expat children and how they perceive their situation in this new environment? If as adults we have doubts about settling in a new country, how do you think our children are feeling?

Family Life

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As an expert in personal property, my days are filled with visiting estates, consulting with my clients, and ascertaining what has value versus what does not. I help Boomer children make sound estate decisions after mom and dad have passed on. Also, I work closely with seniors helping them make a plan for their heirlooms, and appraising the worth of their collectibles.

The Advent Season

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: "I Made it Here, Now What?" - 5 Tips For a Successful Transition Abroad

By Alex C. Smith

Learning to speak the native language of where you will be living is typically just one of many things on your to-do list when moving abroad. Becoming an expat can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of your life, but the journey is one filled with a vast range of emotions.


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: Club Expat: A Teenagers Guide To Moving Overseas

By Abhishek Agarwal

The thing that can shatter the life of a teenager is moving abroad. Teenagers are in a stage of life in which they start getting settled in their life. It is the time when bonds are formed in their life and also last a lifetime. They start taking their first few steps into the real life outside their friends circle.

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The Poinsettia is native to Mexico. It has been associated with the Christmas season because the Mexicans thought the plants were symbolic of the Star of Bethlehem. The plant was brought to America over 100 years ago by Dr. Joel Poinsett, our first ambassador to Mexico.

The Advent Season

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The song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is an English Christmas carol, although the music is reputed to be French. rom 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that era wrote this carol as a catechism song for young Catholics.

The Advent Season

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One thing that makes Vienna's long dark winter warm and hospitable are the punch stands throughout the city. You will see the Viennese milling around enjoying a warm drink and the friendly conversation, so just walk up, get a drink and join in.

The Advent Season

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I met Dr. Hirsh in his office on the third floor right behind the reception. I was surprised because I had expected his office to be located on one of the higher levels where admissions is. With the door open, he can listen into conversations going on at the reception and I imagined him quite amused by the stories people tell. I had never actually seen that door open, although Iím told it often is

Meet the Expats

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: October 26: Austrian National Day

National Day, 26 October (1955) commemorates the State Treaty restoring national sovereignty and the end of occupation when the† last WWII troops left Austria and the passage of the law on permanent neutrality. It has become a patriotic "fitness day", as many people all over Austria take long walks. The Parliament building and all national museums are open and visits are free to the public. This is a Bank Holiday and stores are closed.

Custom, Culture & Holidays

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: Sparkling Vienna

Vienna has a long tradition of chandelier making, with countless offbeat interpretations appearing along the way. These stylish lighting elements make a dazzling and refined impression thanks to the way that they refract light.

Vienna Sights

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By Thomas Rottenberg, writer/editor (Der Standard)

The Vienna Boys' Choir, St. Stephen's Cathedral, culture and the arts are undoubtedly instrumental to the enjoyment of the Austrian capital. But the city's superb quality of life, unmatched almost anywhere else in the world, is actually down to other factors.

Life In Vienna

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By Carrie Myers Smith, Health & Fitness Writer

Losing the battle of the Wiener Schnitzel and Sacher Torte or just want to get a bit fitter? Come join our Getting Fit In Austria Team on SparkPeople it's FREE. Lets support each other both online and in real-time on the way to a healthier, more fit Lifestyle. Itís never too late to begin your journey in wellness! Here are 10 steps you can take today to get started.

Health & Wellness

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Most gays and lesbians love to do sports. That is really no secret to anyone any more since the huge international success of the Outgames and the Gay Games. Vienna is home to a few sports clubs and groups, which provide the opportunity to gays and lesbians to play sports amongst themselves.

Gay & Lesbian

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Over the past few years, Viennaís gay party and club scene has developed at tremendous speed. Today, party organizers provide night clubbers with a great variety of groundbreaking events to choose from.

Gay & Lesbian

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: Culture Shock - A Personal View
Candy writes "

By Candy Fresacher

ďLove conquers allĒ it is said, but is that really true when love brings a Californian to Austria?† After 30 years in Vienna, itís a question I still ask myself, especially in the grey days of winter when ďCalifornia DreaminíĒ is whirling around inside my brain and snow is whirling around outside the house."

Meet the Expats

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Woka Lamps Vienna is the exclusive manufacturer of lamps made according to original designs by Josef Hoffmann, Otto Wagner, Kolo Moser and Adolf Loos. At the baroque Breuner palace, located in the city center not far from St. Stephanís Cathedral, visitors can marvel at the crystal chandeliers designed by Josef Hoffmann for the Stoclet Palace in Brussels as well as his elegant lamps from the sanatorium in Purkersdorf.

This & That

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10 Important Things to Consider When Deciding on an ESL Job

By Kelvin Nikkel

ESL teaching jobs are a dime a dozen but there are 3 very important questions you should be asking yourself before and while you are performing your search for the perfect ESL job. There are also 7 crucial questions to ask the institution that is considering you (or that YOU are considering) before or after you have made contact with them. What you will learn here are those exact questions. Let us read on and explore these questions and the reasons why I recommend that you ask them.

Teaching English

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By David Cramer

When I started teaching English my students often complained that my classes were boring. Most beginning teachers get those kind of complaints. It actually took me about a year and a half, even close to two years, before I got beyond that stage.

Teaching English

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By Emily Schindler

Have you been around the Valentines block and back again bearing the same, tired box of chocolates and dozen red roses? Fellows, have you bought so many little trinkets and baubles and dinners out that they just donít mean anything anymore? Ladies, have you given him every conceivable romantic version of golf stuff, cute boxers, silk ties, and yourself all dolled up?

Valentines Day

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Every February, in many places around the world, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones and friends, all in the name of St. Valentine. February has long been a month of romanc and Saint Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with this ancient rite?

Valentines Day

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By Toni Coleman

The stores are decorated in candy hearts, flowers and bears. Every TV or radio commercial reminds you that itís time to remember your sweetheart on this special day for lovers. Your feelings range from sadness, to revulsion to anger. Whatís a single person to do? The following suggestions are designed to both answer that question and to help you have a good day after all, while working to make it your last solo one.

Valentines Day

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