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: Roast Goose Christmas Dinner in Austria

Having Goose on the Christmas table dates back to the medieval times when it is usually feasted on during winter festivals.  Then, it was often roasted on a spit over an open fire and stuffed with onion, sage or goose liver stuffing and eaten with a fruit sauce.

The Advent Season

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By Silvia McDonald

If you like to let your fingers do the walking and have the merchandise arrive at your door, you have the option of traditional catalog stores. This is an easy and often less expensive alternative to shopping in a country where limited store hours can often make even the most patient person a bit stressed.

Life In Vienna

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: Alcoholism: Interview With A Recovering Expat

By Silvia McDonald

One of the nicest side effects of what I do for a living is meeting people. Through our web site and my part-time job as a relocation agent I have met some very nice ones and even formed some friendships. They have shared with me the ups and downs about life in Vienna and their lives as Expats in general.

Health & Wellness

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: People Networking

By Joe Riggio & Silvia McDonald

How do I find work or make friends in Vienna? Many people have asked this question in our forums or via E-mail.  I am using our website and newsletter in hopes I can share the things I have learned with people who may have this question in the future. The best method I have found is "People Networking". And one of the purposes of Virtual Vienna Net is to help you find the contacts to get started, so after you read this, check out some of the Networking Sources on our site.


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By Silvia McDonald

In parts of Austria, Vienna included, there is a danger of contracting Tick Borne Encephalitis (TBE) also known as spring-summer encephalitis or Frühsommer - Meningoenzephalitis - (FSME) in German, is a viral disease transmitted by ticks that attacks the nervous system and can cause both mild and severe illnesses, with permanent consequences such as concentration problems, paralysis and depression. Approximately every 100th case results in the death of the affected person

Health & Wellness

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By SIlvia McDonald

If English is your native language and you would like to work with people of different interests, ages, and backgrounds, teaching English may be a possibility for you. There is always a demand for qualified teachers of English; however, there is an equally large supply of individuals who are already teaching English or would like to begin. Many are just passing through or biding time during their studies or stay here in Austria, so if you are here for a longer term, you will have an advantage.

Teaching English

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